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Dental Restorations

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There are now more choices when it comes down to filling cavities due to amazing advancements in technology. Out of the multiple choices the two most common are are composite fillings and dental amalgam. The major difference between the two types of fillings is in the colour and the strength. Composite fillings are made from materials matching the colour of your teeth whereas amalgam fillings are made from metal.

Composite fillings are more advanced and also are stronger in the new generation of composites. They also protect more of the tooth structure as we do not need to drill away as much of the tooth as in amalgam fillings as these need to lock into position. 

What are Composite Fillings?
Composite fillings also referred to as resin composite fillings are made using plastic and ceramic compounds. 

What is Dental Amalgam Fillings?
These are made of a combination of metal alloys as well as mercury that is placed in small quantities inside these. On the NHS these are the only fillings available to over 15 year olds on posterior ( back) teeth but privately you can pay for a composite tooth coloured filling. 

The colour of the dental amalgam is silver and is visible when someone talks or opens their mouth but they are less sensitive to moisture so can be placed faster than composite. 

What Should You Choose?
Your choice comes down to your own preference as composite fillings are dearer!