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Dental anxiety

happy dentist with patient

Visiting a dentist can be scary, but don't worry, we don't take it personally.

Thinking of sitting back in the dental chair may fill you with anxiety, but this shouldn't interfere with your oral health. Dee Dental specialises in helping those who suffer from dental anxiety, ensuring everyone can get the dental care they deserve. 

At our surgery, we always create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere for patients, taking every step we can to make you comfortable during your visits. We strive to make every treatment experience as pleasant as possible, using the best technologies and communicating all treatments with you from the start.

If pain is the root of your dental phobia, then there are many ways we can give you the treatments you need with no added discomfort. Times have changed, and dental technology has developed, meaning that most dental procedures, even dental injections, can now be performed painlessly.

For those patients who are extremely nervous, we can discuss a referral to an NHS sedation clinic. These dental clinics can perform treatments while using a minor sedative which will help you to relax. For adults, this will be performed with IV drips whereas for children a small mask plug is used.

man smiling at dentist

Steps we can take to ease your anxiety

There are many steps we can take to help you overcome your fear and to prevent visits to our surgery from being a bad experience.

  • If you're a new patient, come and have a look around our surgery. Meet our staff and get a good experience of the environment. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss any anxieties with our team before any treatments or check-ups begin.
  • We can help schedule your appointments for early time slots. This will give you less time to dwell on the visit and hopefully give your mind less time to build on the anxiety.
  • Wear headphones and listen to music during your visit. This helps to distract you by providing something more positive to focus on. Music can also block out sounds you may find unpleasant such as the sound of the drill during some treatments.
  • We can discuss alternatives to any needless that your treatment may require, such as the use of numbing gels, oral sedative or referrals for IV sedation.
  • You can agree on a sign or signal with our dentists that can be used during treatments if you need a break or want them to pause. This can be something as simple as raising a hand but can help you feel more in control and reduce anxiety while in the chair.

Please get in touch with any questions, or if you want to discuss how we can help reduce dental anxiety. Our friendly team will always do our best to accommodate any needs you may have to ensure we can help you maintain excellent oral hygiene.