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The Dee Dental Plan



2x Check-up

4x Hygiene treatment


10% discount on fillings

Free Dental x-rays

5% off Enlighten whitening

10% off Oral hygiene products at practice

Free consultation for teeth straightening

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Great dental care doesn't have to be costly or difficult; our dental plan has been created to suit our patient's needs, spread the costs of treatments and make looking after your oral health more manageable and more affordable. 

Keeping up your regular visits to the dentist is just as important as visiting your GP. You can spot any issues early, avoid potential costly treatments and make sure you and your family have the means to look after your teeth and gums all year.

So take some of the stress out of your dental care while saving yourself time and money.

What's Covered By The Dee Dental Plan?

  • Check-ups. The cost of both of your check-ups throughout the year is fully covered by the plan, including the examination and any x-rays necessary. 
  • Hygiene treatments. Four hygiene treatments, such as a scale and polish, are included in the plan, so you keep up your fresh, sparkling smile all year round.
  • Discounts. You can also save 10% on the cost of fillings, 5% off Enlighten whitening treatments and 10% off all of the Oral hygiene products we stock at practice.
  • Free consultations. Are you considering teeth straightening or another restorative treatment? Well, now you can have a consultation with one of our specialists free of charge when you're signed up to the Dee Dental Care Plan.

Our dental plans aim to make sure that everyone has the means of looking after their dental health. Not only will you be saving money, by spreading the costs of dental care, but you can also rest easy knowing you're covered all year.


Dental Financing Options

Dee Dental also offers several of our services with financing options, letting you spread individual treatments' costs. To discuss payment options, more get in touch.