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Enlighten Teeth Whitening

Are you tired of using standard whitening toothpaste and still not getting the sparkling, white smile you desire?  

Look no further than Enlighten teeth whitening, the most effective whitening treatment for those who desire a bright, white smile that lasts!  

We all want whiter, brighter teeth, but unfortunately, that isn't easy to achieve through standard whitening toothpaste or good oral hygiene. However, Enlighten can make the difference that you deserve! 

Enlighten teeth whitening treatment has become one of the top teeth whitening treatments on the UK market in recent years and not without good reason. The robust teeth whitening treatment can transform your natural teeth into a shiny new smile that will last for years to come. Say goodbye to yellow stains and dull colours and hello to gorgeous pearly whites! 

An entire course of Enlighten teeth whitening treatment is now available at Dee Dental for our patients in Glasgow, Paisley, and throughout the West of Scotland 

Book your appointment today to transform your natural teeth into a radiant, long-lasting smile that will have you grinning with confidence once again. Don't wait any longer to achieve the smile you deserve! 


professional teeth whitening kit

What is Enlighten Teeth Whitening?

Enlighten offers a combination treatment plan of in-office procedures and an at-home kit to help you get whiter teeth in the simplest and fastest way possible  Enlighten teeth whitening takes your teeth to a B1 shade, leaving you with a long-lasting, brighter smile with minimal hassle involved. 

Change your discoloured teeth into a dazzling new smile in a short period with this highly-effective teeth whitening treatment. 

How does Enlighten Work

How does Enlighten teeth whitening treatment work?

Undergoing teeth whitening with Enlighten is simple, effective and fast. The teeth whitening system can be broken down into three main steps;

Step 1: After your initial consultation, you will arrange your visit to our dental practice so that our dentist can take a scan of your teeth. We'll use our 5D scanner to ensure optimal results and well fitting trays. Upon completion and subsequent collection of your custom-built whitening trays, you will be provided with a home kit to start the next stage of the Enlighten teeth whitening system.

Step 2: Stage 2 of the whitening process takes place entirely at home. You will be asked to apply a special whitening gel to your teeth every night for 14 consecutive nights. You will also use special toothpaste twice a day when brushing your teeth. This toothpaste will have an additional whitening effect on your teeth, and when used together will the gel, your teeth will become wholly removed of any stubborn stain molecules. Both of these items are provided in the at-home kit.

Step 3; The final stage of your Enlighten treatment involves you doing an at home boost treatment with a 6% hydrogen peroxide whitening serum to ensure you have achieved the brightest shade for a week

After these three simple steps, you will be left with whiter teeth and a perfect smile to match. Other than some easy aftercare, the procedure is all but done in this short, 21-day time frame!

Enlighten Whitening treatment

What are the benefits of using Enlighten teeth whitening?

Enlighten is widely thought of as the most effective whitening system on the market today. It is the only tooth whitening treatment that guarantees a B1 vita shade for every patient that undergoes treatment.

The main benefits of Enlighten are;

  • Quick and pain-free
  • Guaranteed results 
  • Provides a B1 vita shade - the whitest shade that leaves you with a dazzling smile
  • 98% success rate 
  • 95% of patients see results after just two weeks
  • Affordable and long-lasting
  • Straightforward maintenance
  • Home treatment 
  • Self-esteem boost 
  • Natural-looking finish 

At Dee Dental Paisley, we also offer boutique whitening for those interested in a safe at-home whitening treatment!

Is there any aftercare involved? 

Enlighten teeth whitening does require a small amount of aftercare to ensure optimal whiteness and to guarantee your teeth keep the guaranteed B1 shade that Enlighten treatment offers.

All aftercare can be done at home with a simple, hassle-free top-up regime to the teeth whitening results last a lifetime.

For the 1st year after your treatment, you should apply the tooth whitening gel for just one night every two months. When you move into your second year, this changes to just one night every three months. After that, you need only top-up one night every six months to keep your teeth bright, shiny and looking as good as new. 

Glasgow teeth whitening

How long does it take to see results with Enlighten teeth whitening?

Most patients who undergo teeth whitening treatment with Enlighten start to see results after 15 days.

In some cases, results can be slower, but you are guaranteed a brighter smile and a vita shade B1 finish over time, which will last for years to come. 

teeth whitening before and after

Will tooth whitening damage my teeth?

Enlighten teeth whitening uses the most advanced carbamide peroxide gel, proven to be safe and effective in the mouth (unlike most other whitening gels). Enlighten teeth whitening treatment works straight through the enamel, not damaging the tooth surface. 

Instead, Enlighten has been known to improve the tooth's permeability, which helps to break down stubborn, everyday staining. The Enlighten whitening process will leave you with natural-looking teeth and guarantees to remove stain molecules picked up from coffee, tea, red wine or other such staining substances. The only you may experience when using Enlighten tooth whitening is sensitivity in the mouth, but this only last during and immediately after the initial treatment. 

teeth whitening kit

How much does Enlighten teeth whitening treatment cost?

Enlighten teeth whitening is affordable and far more cost-effective than having a set of veneers if you are simply looking for whiter, brighter teeth.

The cost of treatment can vary depending on your exact requirements and needs. However, on average, Enlighten teeth whitening costs around £630 which includes your custom made whitening trays and your whitening gels. You may have to pay some additional payments for the ongoing aftercare & top-up treatment, but at only around £50-70 per unit.  

Once you reach out to our Paisley dental practice and have a direct conversation with us, we can give you a more precise price estimation based on your circumstances. It's also worth noting that we offer helpful dental finance solutions so that you can spread the cost of your treatment over several months. Find out more about dental finance for teeth whitening treatment.

Enlighten teeth whitening patient in Paisley

Starting your Enlighten whitening treatment 

Starting off your life-changing Enlighten whitening treatment has never been easier. Our practice can help you with every step of your teeth whitening journey and provide you with all the information you need to keep your new smile bright and white for years to come. 

If you are interested in finding out more about our professional teeth whitening services, please don't hesitate to call us on 0141 737 5488 and take the first step towards a dazzling new smile!