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Boutique Teeth Whitening

It's no secret that people across the UK are unhappy with their teeth. Yellow stains and dull colouring is something that can affect us all. 

Fortunately, with modern advancements in cosmetic dentistry, it's never been easier to get whiter teeth & a brighter smile! 

Kick back against the old stereotype of Brits having bad teeth and use our boutique whitening service to create a beautiful new smile in less than a week. Boutique teeth whitening kits are safe, pain-free and have minimal hassle involved. If you are searching for an affordable and effective way to whiten your smile, Boutique Teeth Whitening is the perfect solution for you! 

Contact Dee Dental’s teeth whitening dentist today and take the first step towards a brighter, more attractive smile.

What is Boutique teeth whitening?

Boutique teeth whitening is a convenient solution to teeth whitening that gives back control to the patient.  

Although the boutique whitening kit needs to be supplied by a professional dentist, the process involves no painful procedures, no timely trips to the dentist, and basically no effort!  

The first step on your teeth whitening journey is to visit our practice so our whitening dentist can take an initial scan of your teeth. We will then use that scan to create your custom whitening trays, which can be applied from the comfort of your own home. 

You will receive complete instructions from our accommodating dentists including whitening gels and we will always be available to talk through any questions or queries that you may have throughout your treatment journey  

Upon starting your whitening treatment, you can expect to see results in less than a week!  

Not sure if whitening treatment is for you? Why not check out our smile gallery to see some of the fantastic results our past patients have gained from our professional teeth whitening services! 


Simple steps for whitening your teeth 

After deciding on the treatment option that suits you best, you'll be provided with everything you need to get the whitening process started from home.  

Your at-home whitening kit will include: 

  • An advanced teeth whitening gel 
  • User-friendly syringes 
  • Custom teeth whitening trays.  

After filling the syringes with the whitening gel, you can start to carefully apply a small amount of gel onto each tooth of your custom whitening trays.  

Once this step is complete, insert the trays into your mouth, making sure they fit firmly and securely.  

You may notice some gel seep over the outer edges of the tray. If this happens, simply use tissue paper or a toothbrush to remove the gel before rinsing your mouth out with water. Do not swallow.  

Upon removing your whitening trays after the allotted amount of time, rinse them in cold water and give your teeth a gentle brush. Repeat this process each time after wearing.  


whitening treatment in Glasgow


How does boutique teeth whitening work?

As you wear your custom whitening trays, the gel, which is made with hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, will start to go to work. The peroxide in the gel releases oxygen into the enamel of the teeth, which results in the gradual removal of any staining that may be present.  

Over a short period of just 5-7 days, you will start to notice your teeth whitening and turning brighter. Stubborn stains from liquids such as coffee, tea or red wine will be removed, and your teeth will quickly look cleaner, brighter and more aesthetically pleasing. 

This is a very similar process to any other professional tooth whitening service. The only difference is that this treatment can be applied at home and requires no pesky after procedures or repeat dental appointments.  

If you still have questions about how boutique whitening works, do not hesitate to give our practice a call today on 0141 737 5488. 


Boutique whitening treatment options 

With multiple treatment plans available for our boutique teeth whitening service, it can be hard to decide on the right one for you.  

Rest assured that our expert dentists will talk you through all possible plans and help you choose the best treatment plan to suit your needs.  

Let's take a quick look at what each Boutique by Day and Boutique by Night involves:  

Boutique by Day 

The boutique by day treatment comes with a 6% peroxyl gel containing potassium nitrate. This daytime gel can be used at a time of your convenience, either in the mornings, afternoons or evenings. With most daytime gels, you will need to keep your custom trays in for at least 3 hours, depending on the exact gel type you are given.  

The aim is to provide a quick, convenient and effective treatment for whitening teeth that suits your schedule and eating habits.  

Boutique at Night 

Boutique at night treatment usually offers a slightly different set of teeth whitening agents, but it works in much the same way.  

Night gels contain carbamide peroxide & potassium nitrate, which is a highly effective way of removing stubborn staining from your teeth.  

Night gels often require you to wear your custom trays overnight, although some will only require a 4-hour time frame, meaning you could wear them in the evening before sleeping. The choice is yours. 

Whichever option you choose, either day or night, the results are much the same, with both boutique whitening treatments transforming your stained or discoloured teeth into a bright white smile that will last for years to come. 


custom whitening trays


Why choose professional boutique teeth whitening over an at-home kit? 

Although at-home whitening kits ordered via online retailers may seem like an attractive option, you may be left unsatisfied and unclear on applying your whitening treatment correctly. 

Going with a trusted dental clinic, such as Dee Dental Paisley, for your boutique whitening means you have access to professional advice and top-quality support throughout the whole process.  

Furthermore, you can have peace of mind that you will be provided with trusted products that can guarantee fantastic results.  

The main benefits of opting to go with Dee Dental for your boutique whitening treatment are; 

  • Pre-consultation and helpful guidance  
  • A personalised plan to suit your needs 
  • Custom trays moulded to fit your mouth 
  • High-quality products, including a safe and effective whitening gel 
  • Aftercare & support throughout 

 Choosing an experienced dental professional to help you with your teeth whitening is a smart move that will be rewarded with better results and, ultimately, whiter teeth and a more attractive smile. 

Get in touch with us today to get your whitening journey moving in the right direction.