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Dental Vouchers

Give the gift of great dental care

Dee Dental Paisley is committed to offering our patients, new and old, the very best dental treatments with fantastic value.

With our frequent discounts, sales and the occasional freebie included with some of our treatments; you won't find a quicker and more affordable way to achieve your dream smile and excellent oral health.

dental care gift vouchers

The new Dee Dental Paisley gift vouchers 

These new vouchers, only valid at the Dee Dental Practice, offer an outstanding 5% credit back with every purchase of one of our leading treatments. To learn more, get in touch, we can discuss what amazing value you can gift somebody and answer any questions you might have.

How long are the dental vouchers valid?

Once bought, the vouchers last a whole six months, giving plenty of time for the recipient to learn more about our treatments, consult their dentists and plan out their perfect smile.

What treatments can I redeem them on?

You can redeem these vouchers on a range of our treatments, including:

Are they only available to new patients?

No! Anyone can use one of these vouchers, so no matter who you are, you can achieve a dream smile at a fantastic price.

Can I use them at any dental clinic?

The dental vouchers are only redeemable at Dee Dental Paisley. If you're new to us and what to learn more, get in touch, we now offer virtual consultations so you can get the information you need quickly and safely.


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