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Register with your local Paisley Dentist

At Dee Dental Paisley, we understand the importance of having a trusted and experienced private dentist to care for your oral health needs. We understand no two mouths are the same. That’s why we take a friendly and unique approach to each of our patients, providing bespoke care and personalised treatment. 

Registering with a private dentist not only ensures that you receive top-quality dental care but also provides you with a tailored approach to your dental needs.  

Our team of skilled dental professionals is dedicated to helping you improve the look and health of your mouth so you can smile with confidence wherever you go.  

We offer a range of cosmetic and private dental solutions to meet your individual needs, so whether you require a full smile makeover to transform your smile or a professional whitening service to brighten the shade of your teeth, we have the bespoke solution for you.  

By registering with Dee Dental Paisley, you'll benefit from regular check-ups and preventative care, personalised treatment plans, access to advanced technology and techniques, and a warm and welcoming environment that puts you at ease.  

Give us a call on 0141 737 5488 to express your interest in registering at our Paisley dental practice, or chat with us directly on WhatsApp to have any of your questions answered!

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What to expect at Dee Dental 

Dr Dinah Naasan and her attentive team of professionals take great pride in offering a comfortable and welcoming environment for all-types of patients. We use cutting edge techniques along with state-of-the-art equipment to provide treatment of the highest standard. 

Our dental practice is entirely patient focused. We make it our priority to cater to you and your needs, no matter what they might be. 

That’s why we offer a diverse range of care and payment options. We provide NHS treatment to children and private dental care to adults. Our available cosmetic treatments include: 

We also provide our own comprehensive and affordable private dental plan, which is covered by monthly payments.

The Dee Dental, Plan will give you access to regular check-ups, hygiene appointments as well as fantastic discounts and benefits on cosmetic treatments, helping you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of.  

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How much is a dental check-up with our private dentists?

Regular visits to your dentist are crucial in maintaining your overall oral health. We offer a private check-up service that starts at £61 for existing patients. Not only will your dentist take a deeper dive into your oral health, but they can provide you with a broader range of treatment options. 

The benefits of a private dental care include: 

  • Less rushed appointments 
  • More thorough treatments 
  • A more comprehensive range of treatment options 
  • Shorter waiting times and quicker resolutions 

How much is private dental care? 

Private care varies in cost depending on the dental treatment you require and the specific surgery. Although more expensive than NHS dental charges, some people prefer to pay for the benefits that come with private treatments. These include: 

  • More modern facilities 
  • Course of treatment tends to be quicker 
  • More advanced cosmetic treatment included 
  • Ability to choose a private dentist 

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How to register with a dentist 

If you would like to join the Dee Dental family and receive top-quality treatment at our surgery in Paisley, you will first have to register with us as a patient.  

After registration is complete, we will then arrange an initial consultation appointment for you so we can assess your mouth and oral health and discuss your own goals and expectations.  

To take advantage of our fantastic dental plan and discuss your options further, don’t hesitate to get in touch, even if it’s just to ask some questions or find out more about our private plans and treatment options. 

Register with your local private dentist in Paisely today and start your journey towards a beautiful new smile with Dee Dental!