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Smile Makeover

woman smiling in mirror


A Simple Solution To A Stunning New Smile

We understand that many people can be unhappy with their current smile. Teeth can become worn down, missing, out of place or discoloured, which can negatively impact not just our self-esteem but our oral health.
Dee Dental Paisley are proud to be able to offer our Mini Smile Makeover treatment plan, which combines a range of the latest cosmetic dentistry solutions to enhance your smile. As one of the only official Smike Makeover partners in the area, you can be sure that our specialist dentists will take the utmost care of you throughout treatment. Using the most cutting edge technology and only the highest quality materials and tools, we can give you the smile you dream of.

Keeping our patients safe

It can be a challenging time to visit places such as the dentist and to be focusing on our dental care. However, we have remained dedicated to offering our patients the treatments they need through the coronavirus outbreak.
Dee Dental Paisley has continued to provide emergency triage to our patients and virtual consultations completely complimentary, to ensure everyone can still have access to top-quality dental care. Get in touch today if you wish to discuss any of our private treatments. You can reach us through our website, email, phone, Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp.

How can a Mini Smile Makeover help me?

Using a range of the latest cosmetic dentistry treatments, we can help you achieve a smile that you can't help but show off. 

  • A fantastic option of long-lasting results
  • Improve your oral health
  • Fix multiple issues in the one treatment
  • Improved jaw function
  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Boost your confidence


What treatment options are involved in the Mini Smile Makeover?

The most popular treatment solutions that are involved in a Mini Smile Makeover are Teeth Straightening, Teeth Whitening and Composite Bonding. Along with solutions such as veneers and crowns, these can help fix multiple issues, such as discoloured and crooked teeth, in a single treatment plan.
Our patients' health is our top priority, and so all of the treatments involved are minimally invasive. This is because we believe that aesthetic dentistry should never compromise the remaining teeth any more than is absolutely necessary to secure a beautiful, white and straight smile. Any long-term stability and function we add to keep are completed in the safest and healthiest means.

Teeth Straightening

To align any teeth that have become out of place, we have a range of teeth straightening treatments, such as Invisalign and our Quick Straight Teeth programme. Head over to our teeth straightening page to find out more, or get in touch. 

Teeth Whitening

A quick, safe and simple solution to whiter teeth that you can carry out in the comfort of your own home. 

  • Only the safest whitening techniques used
  • Safe whitening gels
  • Custom made trays for each client
  • Take-home kits

Composite Bonding

Composite resin bonding can be a fast, minimally invasive and inexpensive option for the beautiful smile you're looking for.

  • Less expensive
  • Easily repaired
  • Minimally invasive
  • No tooth damage
  • Same-day smile
  • No injections
  • Natural or unnatural appearance available

Contact us today to discuss your mini smile makeover and advise on costs that start from £195 per tooth for composite bonding and from 350 for EMAX veneers and crowns which you can finance up interest-free up to 24 months!

Before and after

The following case involved some minimal preparation veneers (EMAX) as well as whitening to enhance the beauty of this patient's smile, and we were both happy with the results.

close up of mans teeth

close up of man with straight teeth

The second case involved whitening and composite bonding alone!

close up of man with gaps in his teeth