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Smile Makeover

A Simple Solution For A Smile Makeover Near You

We understand the agony that people go through when they’re unhappy with their smiles. Teeth might be worn down, missing, out of place or discoloured. This can negatively impact oral health and self-esteem, sapping away the joys of laughing, smiling, and eating freely. We aim to allow you to reclaim those pleasures that everybody has a right to experience.

That’s how we became one of the only official Smile Makeover partners in the area. After seeing patients with these complaints, we knew that we needed to provide them with something that would help them achieve that truly confident smile in a fuss-free, quick and affordable manner.

Our Mini Smile Makeover cosmetic dentistry plans incorporate the most cutting edge technology with the expertise of our specialist dentists. Quick, easy and incredibly aesthetically effective, we provide the most high-impact cosmetic treatments available on the market. We can help you achieve a smile that you can't help but show off.


smile makeover service in Glasgow

Why should I consider a Mini Smile Makeover?

  • Long-lasting and highly impactful results
    A Mini Smile Makeover is precisely that - a makeover. Your whole smile will be noticeably improved while still maintaining the look of natural teeth.
  • Improve your oral health
    Dental treatments, even if only cosmetic, can help preserve your natural teeth. If you have poor oral health, a Smile Makeover allows you to start from scratch whilst achieving the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of. Aligning your teeth can make them easier to clean and care for.
  • Fix multiple issues in the one treatment
    Our packages are comprehensive and are designed to address multiple requirements all at once. These treatments are quick and all-encompassing.
  • Improved jaw function
    Misalignment of the jaw can inhibit eating, speaking and hugely affect your appearance. Our teeth straightening solutions can correct these issues, improving jaw function.
  • Boost your confidence
    Improving your smile is one of the best things you can do to boost your self-esteem. Nothing says confidence like a dazzling smile.


smile makeover packages

What treatment options are available on the Mini Smile Makeover? 

Each Mini Smile Makeover package provides comprehensive teeth whitening, straightening and composite bonding solutions. These can help fix multiple issues, such as discoloured, crooked and misshapen teeth in just a single treatment plan.

Teeth Straightening

To align any teeth that have become out of place, we have a range of teeth straightening treatments, such as Invisalign and our Quick Straight Teeth programme. Head over to our teeth straightening page to find out more, or get in touch. 

Teeth Whitening

We provide a quick, safe and simple home whitening solution, with custom made trays for each client.

  • Only the safest whitening techniques used
  • Safe whitening gels
  • Custom made trays for each client
  • Take-home kits

Composite Bonding

Composite veneers are a less expensive and invasive alternative to porcelain veneers. No injections are required, and you’ll walk out with a beautiful smile on the same day.

  • Less expensive
  • Easily repaired
  • Minimally invasive
  • No tooth damage
  • Same-day smile
  • No injections
  • Natural or unnatural appearance available

Contact us today to discuss your mini smile makeover and advise on costs that start from £250 per tooth for composite bonding and from 450 for EMAX veneers and crowns which you can finance up interest-free up to 12 months!

Fuss-free and safe solutions

It can be a challenging time to visit your dental practice and to be focusing on dental care. However, Dee Dental Paisley has remained dedicated to offering our patients the treatments they need through the coronavirus outbreak.

We offer free virtual consultations to ensure everyone can still have access to top-quality dental care.

If you need additional treatments on top of your Mini Smile Makeover (such as porcelain veneers, facial aesthetics or dental implants), you can discuss your options with our cosmetic dentists.

You can reach us through our website, email, phone, Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp.

Before and after

The following case involved some minimal preparation veneers (EMAX) as well as whitening to enhance the beauty of this patient's smile, and we were both happy with the results.

close up of mans teeth   close up of man with straight teeth

The second case involved whitening and composite bonding alone!

close up of man with gaps in his teeth