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Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment to replace traditional metal braces.  Get an interest-free loan in under 5 minutes

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Invisalign Glasgow

Using pictures, moulds and impressions of your teeth, we create a 3D model which helps us to find the perfect treatment plan for you. We can use the model to compare the initial position of teeth to where we want them to be. Based on this information we have your custom-made Invisalign aligners created. Once fitted, gentle pressure will cause your teeth to move little-by-little until you're left with a straightened and sparkling smile.

It's as easy as that; after an initial consultation we can make the aligners, and you wear them 22 hours a day to start seeing straighter teeth in as short as a few weeks. 

The exact time it takes until the treatment is complete varies depending on the complexity of the case. As an example, we can align mild to moderate crowding within just 14 weeks, as our dentist Dinah can attest. 

For more detailed information on Invisalign braces, head over to:

What Is Invisalign?   Invisalign vs Braces 

There is a range of reasons to choose Invisalign aligners to transform your smile. They are virtually invisible, and the aligners are removable, which cause overall less discomfort for patients than metal braces.

However, if you're unsure on whether Invisalign is for you, or debating between them and traditional braces, take a look at our comparison of the two.

When it comes to choosing the right dental practice for your Invisalign treatment, there are many reasons Dee Dental Paisley is second-to-none.

We not only offer you the best in aligners but offer the best in support. We monitor your progress throughout the treatment and will review with check-ups every six months afterwards to ensure retainers are still fitting well and everything looks healthy.

We also offer exclusive savings to our patients which include different offers every month- head over to our instagram to check them out!  Our plans are provided with up to five years on finance and include everything you need to get your new smile quickly, comfortably and affordably, including:

  • Customised premium care
  • Fewer face-to-face appointments
  • Less physical contact


What Will My Teeth Look Like After Invisalign? 

before and after using Invisalign

Quick and easy! Click the image on the left to upload a selfie and find out what your teeth will look like after Invisalign before treatment even begins.

As a part of our efforts to offer our patients the very best in dental treatments, we have invested in the cutting edge iTero 5D imaging technology.[1]

This new piece of technology allows us to take very detailed, 3D scans and impressions of your teeth in real-time. This has the benefit of quicker consultations and enabling you to see the end result of an Invisalign treatment almost instantly. So if you have ever wondered 'what would I look like with braces?' or 'will Invisalign work for my teeth?' our highly skilled team and the best technology on the market can give you clear and quick answers.

  • Cutting edge near-infrared imaging (NIRI) technology
  • Fast and detailed 3D digital impressions
  • No harmful radiation
  • Intraoral camera
  • Real-time TimeLapse
  • Simulation capability
  • Much quicker than popular alternatives such as ClinCheck



"I wanted to straighten my two upper front teeth especially and after consulting with Dr Dinah Naasan , I decided to go with a see through retainer clear aligner. I had my appointments every two weeks, no delays, everything went according to plan. I am very happy with the results and with the treatment overall. You can see the difference straight away and that’s what I wanted. Dr Naasan and the company that manufacture the retainers were very accommodating at the end when I felt like I needed one more retainer to get the result i was hoping for - there was no issue with that. I would definitely recommend this option for anyone who doesn’t want their retainer to be visible and wants fast and effective results."


Follow our Facebook page to view the latest offers and videos as our dentist Dinah discusses her Invisalign journey. The first and last one are included below.


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