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The Latest NHS Dental Payment Reform: How It Affects You and Why You Might Consider Going Private

18 October 2023

Recently, there have been significant changes to the NHS dental payment system which will come into place from November 2023.

If you are currently attending an NHS-only dental practice, these changes will impact the prices and availability of your treatment. 

As dedicated partners in your oral health journey, we believe it's crucial to keep you informed of all the latest going-ons. Even if you find these changes not to be significant for your future dental needs, it is still important to keep abreast of these updates to avoid any unexpected costs.

This blog aims to shed light on these reforms and guide you through the implications, ensuring your smile remains bright and healthy, no matter what. Let us dive in to see what’s what.

Dee Dental Paisely

Understanding the new NHS dental payment reform 

Navigating the world of dentistry can be complex, especially when there are shifts in the landscape.

The NHS dental payment reform is one such shift, bringing with it changes that could impact patients, particularly those who have traditionally leaned on NHS services over private dentistry.

We have broken down some of the biggest changes below to keep you well-informed: 

Payment model 

The new NHS reforms have introduced a blended remuneration model that combines capitation (a set fee per patient) and activity (payment based on specific treatments). 

Unfortunately, this means that patients will no longer be seen regularly are there is less guarantee of booking regular appointments. This will result in patients not getting the care they need when they need it, as treatment will be determined by the fact dentists will only be paid at certain intervals. Therefore, the care is determined by what is financially feasible instead of what is best for you, the patient.

This also impacts dentists, as they are set to make less earnings if they stick to these NHS guidelines. 

Additionally, you may find that you are paying more for standard checks and maintenance than you were previously. This raises the question of whether it’s better to go private, as you will avoid long waits and ultimately you will be paying a similar price for your dental treatments but with the option of booking treatment on your own terms, when you need it most. 

Treatment items 

A less flexible approach to treatment items means. that patients will suffer from having no personalised care options. Furthermore, patients are likely to be met with outdated materials when undergoing MHS dental treatment, including amalgam which has mercury in it

Unfortunately, this creates more varied costs for treatments, meaning your treatment costs will be unpredictable and higher than anticipated.

At Dee Dental, we take pride in offering fair and transparent pricing for all our services so you are never met with any unexpected costs. We also have finance options available to help you spread the cost of your treatment over several months. We also offer our monthly maintenance plan which includes: 

  • 2 Dental appointments per year
  • 3 Hygiene appointments per year (including one airflow)
  • Basic temporary fillings in an emergency
  • Small X-rays/Bitewings included
  • 5% discount on Enlighten Whitening
  • 10% discount on Fillings only
  • Free Invisalign™ Consultation
  • Free Digital scan

This plan allows our patients to have a guarantee of all the treatment they need to keep their oral health in tip-top shape throughout the year, without any unexpected costs. We offer convenient Go Cardless payment plans, allowing you to sit back and relax, knowing that your dental care is taken care of.

Cosmetic dentistry at Dee Dental

Patient charges 

Patient charges on the NHS are now set at a flat rate, making it easier to predict costs.

This mirrors our own Private Dental Plan, which is set at a flat rate of £22 and gives you access to a range of benefits, including regular checkups, hygiene appointments, discounts and savings.

So, whilst this offers a more simplified payment process for NHS patients, you may find that some treatments will end up being more expensive than before as they will no longer be available under the NHS. This means you will have to resort to private treatment despite opting for an NHS dentist. However, if you choose to go private from the start, you can get a firm understanding of the costs and have all your dental work carried out seamlessly at the one practice. 

Orthodontics & prior approval 

Orthodontic treatments are now separated from the main contract, and certain treatments require prior approval. 

Unfortunately, this means that less children are entitled to the type of dental care they need in order to resolve crowding. If crowding issues are not resolved in their younger years, this will lead to gum/teeth issues in the future.

Overall, this prior approval change will result in longer wait times for patients and will mean more kids being rejected for essential treatment.

Flexible examinations & enhanced periodontal care 

These reforms allow for more comprehensive dental exams and focus on preventing gum diseases. 

Pros: Tailored check-ups and a stronger emphasis on gum health. 

Cons: Some patients might have to adjust to a new routine of dental visits that is no longer based on their health needs but on financial government schemes.

In a nutshell, while the new NHS payment reforms bring some advantages, they also come with potential drawbacks, a lot of which centre on increased prices combined with the already long waiting lists.

For patients historically using NHS services, it's vital to stay informed and explore reliable alternatives.  

Let us next examine the benefits of going private so you can evaluate whether private dentistry will work better for you in the long run.

Exceptional care at a private dentistry in Paisely

Why private dentistry might be your best option 

We completely understand the uncertainties and challenges that many are feeling in light of the recent NHS dental payment reforms. Changes can be unsettling, especially when it involves something as personal and essential as dental care. 

But every cloud has a silver lining, and this might be an opportune moment for you to consider the tangible benefits of private dental practices. 

The benefits of going private with Dee Dental Paisley 

Discover a new world of dental excellence with Dee Dental Paisley.

When you choose our private care, you're not just getting a service; you're investing in precision, transparency, variety, and efficiency tailored just for you. 

Some of the main benefits of our private dental care include: 

  • Personalised Care: Our dedicated team ensures treatments tailored to your specific needs. 
  • Consistent Costs: With our private dental plan, you're well-aware of the monthly charges, without any hidden fees. 
  • More Treatments Available: Get access to a wide range of cosmetic and advanced treatments to suit your needs.
  • Shorter Waiting Times: We strive to ensure our patients get the care they need promptly, with guaranteed check-ups and hygine appointments booked well in advance so you never have to worry about long waits and frustrating booking systems.

Are there any benefits of staying with the new NHS system?

Whilst private care is preferable for many, the new NHS reforms do not mean that NHS dentistry should be disregarded completely. The new system still offers: 

  • Blended Payment Model: Predictable payments for dentists could mean consistent long-term care for patients. 
  • Flexible Treatment Items: A broader range of services available, even if costs might vary. 
  • Flat Rate Patient Charges: Though simplified, some treatments might be pricier. 

When we look at it side-by-side, the benefits of joining a private practice like Dee Dental Paisley stand out.

Not only do you receive care tailored to your needs, but you also gain access to a host of other benefits through our private dental plan for just £22 a month. This plan ensures great oral health, provides discounts on cosmetic treatments, guarantees regular appointments and hygiene sessions, and more.

So, while the NHS changes may feel daunting, consider this a golden opportunity to explore new horizons in dental care. The full team here at Dee Dental Paisley is ready to guide and support you every step of the way. 

Our private dental care plan 

Navigating the world of dental care can be overwhelming, but at Dee Dental Paisley, we aim to simplify that for you.

Introducing our private dental care plan - priced at an affordable £22 a month with just a one-time joining fee of £9.50. This tailored plan is designed with you in mind, ensuring you receive consistent, quality care. 

Included in our private dental plan is: 

  • Regular Check-ups: 2 dental appointments every year. 
  • Hygiene Focus: 3 hygiene appointments annually, ensuring your oral health remains top-notch. 
  • Emergencies Covered: Basic emergency fillings and included X-rays, so you're never caught off guard. 
  • Treat Yourself: Enjoy discounts on treatments, including 5% off Enlighten Whitening and 10% off fillings. 
  • Plan for the Future: We offer a free Invisalign™ consultation and a complimentary digital scan, guiding you towards that perfect smile. 
  • Peace of Mind: Our plan also gives you access to the Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme, ensuring you're covered wherever you go. 

Join the Dee Dental family and invest in a future of bright smiles and unmatched care. 

Personalised dental care at Dee Dental Paisely

Get faster, more personalised dental care with Dee Dental

Many patients have felt frustrated with the NHS dental service over the last decade, and unfortunately, the new dental reforms are unlikely to change that. Whilst they do provide some benefits for patients, the higher costs combined with the already long wait times are forcing many individuals throughout Scotland to consider private dentistry. 

Private dental care is a dependable alternative to ensure you don't miss a beat in your oral care journey. Plus, the price of private dental care balances out the increased costs of NHS care, making it a no-brainer for many patients who want to invest in their oral health.

Our private dental care plan stands out as not just an affordable option and offers a holistic approach to maintaining your oral health. We genuinely believe our plan offers unbeatable value, and we'd love for you to see it for yourself. 

Contact us today to book an initial consultation or to enquire further about signing up for our Private Dental Plan. We look forward to creating a glowing, long-lasting smile together!