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What's the Difference Between NHS and Private Dentist?

18 February 2022

There are more differences between NHS and private dental treatment than you think

Whether you've been registered with a dentist for four years or just four months, you might find yourself asking the question, "Should I choose NHS dental treatment or go private?"

The truth is, there are many different benefits to seeking private dentistry over NHS treatment. Not only do you benefit from more convenient appointments, shorter waiting times and more modern practices, but our dental team will be able to offer you a more comprehensive range of treatment options. 

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Private dental team at Dee Dental Paisley


What are the benefits of private dentistry treatment over NHS?

Private dentistry can have a wide range of benefits when compared with NHS treatment. Although private dentistry won't be for everyone, we've outlined some of the key beenfits to help you understand the differences between private and NHS dental treatment.


Reduced waiting times for treatments

Especially if there's a problem or you're in pain, it's understandable to want to speed up the treatment process.

The NHS is oversubscribed, which means that you might not immediately be given the treatment you need to relieve your pain or improve your oral health. Long waiting lists often go with the territory of opting for NHS based treatment

If you choose to go private, however, you skip the queue, and you'll find that you'll get the procedure you need in a more timely fashion.


Longer and more comprehensive appointments

We all know the feeling of frustration when it seems impossible to get an appointment at a clinic or surgery. More appointments will become available to you as a private patient, meaning you'll have quick and easy access to treatment and advice.

Our appointments are also longer than average, so you can properly discuss your treatments with our friendly team with no rush. You'll come out of your consultation feeling seen, heard and cared for.


Private treatment includes cosmetic procedures

NHS dental treatments are designed to be functional. The treatments are simply intended to fix issues or prevent deterioration in your dental health. 

So, if you need something practical, like an extraction or a filling, the NHS will cover this. The NHS only subsidises what is considered "essential" treatment, so treatments such as tooth extractions, root canals and crowns.

However, many of our patients come to us with more aesthetic concerns; a gap or crooked and discoloured teeth. As these are seen as procedures for purely cosmetic reasons, NHS treatment won't cover them.

Private treatment offers both functional and aesthetic treatments. This means should you want sophisticated cosmetic treatments, such as dental implants, tooth whitening or veneers, these will be covered by your plan.

Even tooth-coloured fillings are considered a private cosmetic treatment, so if you need a filling on the NHS, you'll have to opt for silver amalgam fillings.


A wider range of treatment options

Private dentists can offer more of a variety of treatment options to their patients than NHS. Because there's no worry about funding restrictions, we can focus entirely on improving the care we provide to our patients.

Private dentists might offer their patients comprehensive restorative treatment, orthodontic treatment, or facial aesthetics. We simply have more tools at our disposal, and our plans tend to be much less rigid so the patient will be able to customise their treatment options to their liking.

Private dentists have the freedom to recommend treatment in an unrestricted manner, whereas NHS dental care tends to be more focused on no-frills problem-solving

Modern dental technology at our Private dental clinic


Modern facilities and equipment

A private dental clinic is often more modern and kitted out than an NHS practice. Our practice has the resources to invest in the most cutting edge technology in the industry, meaning our patients receive world-class treatments. You might even enjoy additional perks, like spa treatments and a welcome drink.


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Overall, our number one aim is to provide care of the utmost quality to our patients. We believe that the best way to do this is to treat them privately. As you can see, there are so many benefits to choosing a private clinic, and we'll provide you with the bespoke care you need to get you smiling again.

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