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The Benefits of Dental Implant Services

18 February 2022

How Dental Implants can Change your Life

Nothing can affect your confidence more than missing teeth. At Dee Dental, we've seen patient after patient who describes how not being able to smile, eat and laugh freely has negatively impacted their life. 

This makes it all the more rewarding when we see their smiles completely restored after their dental implant treatment.

Dental implant surgery is, without a doubt, the most effective, functional and aesthetically sound method available to replace missing teeth.

Not only do they look exactly like your natural teeth, but they function just as a natural tooth would - and you won't need to care for your implant any differently from your existing teeth.

Their many benefits have made implant dentistry one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments available in our surgery today. Responding to the demand of our patients, we're pleased to introduce our new implant specialist, Dr Abdulwahab.

Dr Abdulwahab is an oral surgeon with many years of experience specialising in dental implant treatment. His dedicated team will be with you every step of the way throughout the process.

Dentist working with dental implants


What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a treatment used to replace a missing tooth or several teeth. The dental implant procedure involves fusing a metal screw into your jaw bone (artificial tooth roots) and attaching a false tooth onto the screw. 

As the screw mimics a real tooth root, and your new tooth has been colour matched and shaped to match your mouth perfectly, your implant will look seamlessly like a permanent, natural tooth.

dental implant model


What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants have a load of excellent benefits that have made them an ever-increasingly popular choice amongst dental patients. These benefits include:

  • Aesthetically flawless - unlike false teeth, an implant looks like it's actually coming out of the gum tissue.
  • A long-lasting alternative to the removable denture - your implant is a permanent tooth or teeth.
  • Works just like your natural teeth - no need to avoid certain foods or drinks.
  • Care for your implant with regular brushing and flossing as you would your natural teeth.
  • Improved dental health - you're more vulnerable to gum disease if you have missing teeth.

What is dental implant surgery like?

The dental implant procedure is quick and painless, and a single dental implant can usually be completed in just two visits.

The first visit will be to attach the screw that your replacement teeth with be fixed to into your jawbone. This might sound a bit gruesome, but don't worry - we'll numb your mouth with anaesthetic so you won't be able to feel anything.

The procedure is very quick, and although you might have a bit of swelling for a few days afterwards, any discomfort you feel can be treated with pain medications.

You will then need to go home and wait for the bone surrounding your implant to heal. The time this takes will vary from person to person, but it shouldn't be more than around 12 weeks for a single tooth. If you have more than one implant done, it may take longer. We'll give you a temporary replacement tooth in the meantime should you need it.

Additionally, if your tooth has been missing for a while, you might need a bone graft to supply enough bone for the base your implant will need to heal and work properly. You'll discuss this with our specialist when you come in for your consultation.

Once you're all healed, you'll pay another visit to the practice. Our specialist will screwed your new tooth onto the implant now fused to your jaw. 

And voila! You now have a brand new tooth that's indistinguishable from your existing teeth.


Why choose Dee Dental implants?

At Dee Dental, we are one of the few dental practices lucky enough to have a dental specialist team dedicated explicitly to implant treatment.

Our implant specialist, Dr Abdulwahab, will walk you through the treatment with an extended consultation at the beginning of your treatment. As a practice, we believe in holistic evaluation - that everything in the body is connected, and it's important to take all aspects of their health into account when we treat our patients.

You'll receive a complete holistic overview of your health from our expert and bespoke treatment that responds to your specific needs.


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