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What Are Facial Aesthetics?

04 May 2022

Facial aesthetic treatments have steadily grown in popularity over the last 20 years. Where once cosmetic surgery was thought of as a large undertaking that only celebrities would get, it is now much more commonplace, more affordable and far safer.

As cosmetic surgery has exploded across the UK, the rise of cosmetic dentistry has swiftly followed. But with dental clinics now offering a whole host of facial aesthetic treatments, it's important for patients to understand exactly what are facial aesthetics, and why they should choose private dentists as their provider of cosmetic treatment. 

facial aesthetic treatment

Facial aesthetics: What are they?

Facial aesthetic treatment is the process of treating facial pains and other facial blemishes (such as wrinkles) to improve, enhance and rejuvenate the facial features. The idea is to enhance your natural beauty and remove any unwanted lines, marks or loose skin that appear due to ageing and stress.

Treatment is done by using treatments, lasers and clinically safe injections or fillers that target the specific part of the face that requires work, be it the cheeks, forehead or chin.

Facial aesthetic treatments are not designed to change your appearance or significantly alter your facial anatomy but rather to reduce lingering effects of stress, the ageing process and in some cases, pain or stiffness. Facial aesthetic treatment looks to make subtle improvements in the areas of your face that you are unhappy with.

As an overview, cosmetic procedures may reduce facial wrinkles, treat blemishes and combat the natural ageing process. It is intended to relax facial expressions and accentuate facial contours, rejuvenating your skin and enhancing your confidence.

Dentists have mastered these procedures in recent times through specialized training and first-hand experience. The Dee Dental team in Paisley offer a range of cosmetic surgery options that have been met with great feedback from our dental patients.

woman receiving facial aesthetic treatment

What are the most popular aesthetic treatments?

When discussing facial aesthetic treatments, Botox is of course the first treatment that most will think of Botox is still extremely popular in the UK and is used to remove frown lines, crow's feet, any unwanted facial lines or sagging skin.

Botox can also be used to treat bruxism by injecting the chemical botulinum into the jaw to loosen the muscles and prevent grinding.

In addition to Botox, there are a few other popular facial aesthetics that are commonly offered by dentists.

woman receiving lip filler from dentist

Lip fillers and dermal fillers at Dee Dental

Dermal fillers provide a range of enhancing treatments to the facial area, including fillers in the lips, cheeks, jaw and forehead.

Dermal fillers help smooth out sunken areas on your face by adding volume, which fills out the lines that can appear from ageing. They are also a popular method for adding natural-looking plumpness to lips.

The treatment can also be used to shape the nose and enhance the cheeks or jaw by using a liquid rhinoplasty. These subtle fillers help boost your natural beauty and give you that extra pop or definition that you've always wanted.

The treatment itself is non-invasive and needs virtually no recovery time. The procedure only lasts around 30 minutes and side effects are minimal. You may see some swelling or bruising in and around the treatment area, but this should subside quickly.

Dermal fillers have increased in popularity due to their affordability, safety and effectiveness. If you are looking for quality dermal fillers or lip fillers in Paisley, then look no further than the Dee Dental clinic.

Anti-wrinkle treatments at Dee Dental Paisley

Anti-wrinkle treatments are common facial aesthetic treatments designed to help smooth out your skin and take years off of your face.

It does not involve lengthy cosmetic surgery procedures and has a quick turnaround, with results apparent after just one-two weeks,

Anti-wrinkle injections are used to treat:

  • Frown lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Around the nose (also known as bunny lines)
  • High smile lines
  • Areas around the chin
  • Space between the eyebrows
  • Sagging skin around the neck

Many patients choose anti-wrinkle treatments are they are a fast, safe and effective way of improving the skin's appearance, combating the natural ageing process and enhancing your natural beauty.

The fact that anti-wrinkle injections are non-surgical treatments makes them highly attractive to many and reduces their price point. Find out more about the anti-wrinkle treatment plan we offer at the Dee Dental practice in Paisley.

woman receiving anti-wrinkly treatment

How long do facial aesthetics last?

It's important to know that facial aesthetic treatments are not permanent solutions. The results tend to fade over time as the skin continues to regenerate and age. Although anti-wrinkle treatments and Botox prevent excessive frowning and help to relax facial muscles, these actions are natural and over time your face will adjust to the facial treatment and frown lines can begin to deepen.

The results of anti-wrinkle treatment last for around three-four months before needing to be topped up. If it is your first time receiving such treatment, it is generally recommended that you receive three courses throughout the first year. This number will likely be reduced as your body grows more used to the treatment.

For dermal fillers and lip fillers, results can last from up to 6 - 12 months, although this can possibly be longer depending on the individual. Metabolism plays a large part in how quickly these fillers last, so patients with faster metabolisms will tend to need more frequent filler treatment compared to patients with slower metabolisms.

Why trust a dentist with facial aesthetic treatment?

You might be wondering why you should choose a dentist for your facial aesthetics treatments, after all, don't they only specialise in teeth?

Actually, no! Many private dentists have worked hard to branch out from solely providing dental work and into areas such as cosmetic surgery and facial aesthetics.

Due to their steady hand, medical knowledge, cleaning procedures and precise use of instruments, many of the skills needed for facial aesthetics are transferable from standard dentistry work.

The Dee Dental team, headed by Dr Dinah Naasan, are exceptionally well qualified in the art of cosmetic surgery, aesthetic dentistry and facial aesthetic treatments.

Through specialized training and ongoing application, the Dee Dental team have become adept at providing a wide range of suitable treatment options that will leave your face looking younger, fresher and rejuvenated.

Book your initial consultation today to find out more about the premium facial aesthetic treatments offered at the Dee Dental clinic in Paisley.