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8 Reasons Dental Implants are Important

04 May 2022

Dental implants have become one of the most popular dental procedures for replacing missing teeth and restoring damaged smiles.

Their natural appearance, improved strength and increased tooth stability make dental implants an excellent tooth replacement option and one that more and more patients are opting for.

Let's look in more detail at the top reasons why dental implants are important.

woman with beautiful new smile with dental implants

Improves quality of life  

It's a big (and slightly general) statement, but it's absolutely true. Dental implants will help improve the overall quality of your life!

When suffering from tooth loss, there is a range of issues that can arise, both physically and mentally. Your oral health will decline, you could struggle to eat properly, you may be in constant pain and discomfort and you will more than likely feel self-conscious about the appearance of your smile.

A simple and safe dental implant procedure can flip all of these things on their head, removing any pain and discomfort whilst simultaneously giving you the smile you always dreamed of.

It really is no exaggeration to say that implant dentistry helps improve patients' quality of life.

Eat, talk and laugh with confidence 

With restored dental implants patients no longer have to worry about how they look when eating, talking or laughing.

No one wants to feel self-conscious when out for a meal in public, and you shouldn't have to worry about pain or discomfort when choosing what to order from a restaurant either. With the strong foundation and tooth stability that dental implants offer, you can eat with confidence once again.

Similarly, no one should need to worry about their teeth when laughing and talking with friends or family.

Smile, laugh and talk with confidence in any setting after you have your missing tooth or teeth replaced by quality dental implants from Dee Dental.

Completely safe

Another one of the many advantages of dental implants is the completely safe surgery. In fact, the success rate of dental implant surgery is estimated at around 98%.

So, although dental implant surgery is significant as it involves drilling into the gum and jaw bone, the procedure is incredibly safe and routine for professional dentists.

There is very little that can go wrong with the procedure other than damage to the jaw bone. This only occurs if the patient's jaw bone is particularly weak or brittle. In these rare instances, our dentists will choose not to perform implant surgery. We will always do a full assessment of the mouth and jawbone before any work is carried out.

The surgery is done in two parts; the first being the most significant. This is where the titanium screw will be fitted and fixed into the mouth. This can also involve the removal of any damaged tooth or lasting tooth roots. After the screw has been fitted to the mouth it beings to fuse directly with the jaw bone, acting as an artificial root on which the replacement tooth will be fitted.

Before the second procedure, your mouth will need around 2-3 months to fully recover from the initial surgery. After your mouth is fully healed and the implant has properly fused with the bone, the second part of the surgery will take place.

This part is far simpler and involves minimal invasion. Your replacement tooth cap will be securely fitted to the titanium implant, giving the crown a strong foundation on which to sit.

Together, the implant and the crown create a comfortable and durable replacement tooth which will seamlessly blend with your natural teeth.

dental implant model

Prevents bone loss

Our jawbones and facial structure are very quick to adapt when significant trauma happens. Although this can be positive when you undergo a procedure, it can also be damaging when a tooth is lost or missing.

This means that losing one or more teeth can significantly impact the shape and strength of your jawbone, causing bone damage and altering the structure of your face. Individuals who suffer from missing teeth for long periods of time without treatment can experience severe bone loss in their jaw and face.

By having implants placed into the vacant missing teeth areas, this problem of bone loss will be cured as it gives the surrounding bone something to attach to, which in turn helps promote bone growth.

Over time, the implant will fuse with the bone, enhancing the strength, structure and shape of both your jawbone and your face, helping to prevent future bone loss.

It is well documented that dental patients that opt for dental implants notice a rejuvenated jaw bone and facial structure. This is just another one of the many amazing benefits of dental implants.

Improves oral health

Although many will think of implants as a purely aesthetic enhancement, replacing missing teeth also has wonderful effects on your oral health.

When you have a missing tooth, the remaining teeth around the gap can begin to shift, impacting your full mouth and arch. The gap can also be a source of poor hygiene as it can be hard to properly clean and care for. This has subsequent negative effects on the surrounding teeth and your overall oral health.

When left untreated, gaps where teeth once were can lead to gum disease, periodontal disease and other health issues which may cause further tooth loss. It's imperative that you receive adequate care and treatment for missing teeth before any of these issues can occur.

By choosing implants to replace missing teeth, you will simultaneously improve your long term oral health, ensure your teeth do not shift or become misaligned and protect yourself against unwanted mouth diseases.

Of course, the implant will also provide you with a beautiful new smile, but what is a shiny smile without good oral health beneath it? This improved oral and dental health is one of the main advantages of dental implants.

Easy to maintain and care for  

Another point that makes dental implants one of the best tooth replacement options on the market today is how easy they are to care for. Due to the strong artificial root and securely fitted cap, you can treat your implant just as you would your natural teeth.

Clean, floss and rinse without fear of causing damage or shifting position. As long as you apply the proper care that all normal teeth need, your implant will stay healthy, clean and functional.

In addition, we recommend visiting your dentist for regular dental check-ups and hygiene appointments. This is advice we give to all patients, but it is particularly important when you have undergone significant dental work.

Visiting your dental clinic once every six months will ensure your implants are working as they should be and your oral health is in good shape.

toothbrush - brush regularly to take care of dental implants

Long-lasting & durable

Dental Implants have an amazing ability to perform like a natural tooth, providing a strength unmatched by other restorations.

This makes them extremely durable and long-lasting. In fact, the titanium implant part of the tooth, which firmly embeds into the jawbone, may last up to a lifetime if properly cared for.

The replacement crown or tooth cap can be damaged more easily through wear and tear, but fear not as this is a very quick and simple fix. However, even this part of the implant should last for up to ten years, and often for longer when treated with care.

Not only does this make dental implants a cost-effective option, but it also highlights their superiority over more traditional removable replacement teeth options, such as removable dentures, that have to constantly be updated and re-worked despite not providing the genuine, around the clock smile that dental implants give.

woman with beautiful new smile after dental implant treatment

Aesthetically pleasing: Implants improve the look of your smile  

In addition to all the many advantages discussed in this article, we've yet to come to the number one reason most people choose dental implants; improving the look of your smile!

Everyone wants a sparkling smile but unfortunately, any number of issues can happen that damage the look of your pearly whites and shatter your confidence.

Whether it's from severe dental trauma, tooth decay, infection, or simply poor oral health, it's certainly not uncommon to have one or several missing teeth. This can have determinantal effects on how you view yourself, how often you smile and how happy you feel. Smiling is closely associated with happiness, and individuals who may feel too self conscious to smile can experience a sharp decline in their mental health.

Luckily, dental implants provide a sure-fire way of giving you new teeth, a bright new smile and improving your self-confidence along the way.

Smile freely again with quality dental implants from Dee Dental.

If you are interested in receiving first class dental implant treatment from the Dee Dental clinic in Paisley, please contact us today.

Together we can restore your smile, improve your oral health and boast your confidence to great new heights.