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A Personalised Invisalign Journey

20 January 2022

The following is an Invisalign journey from one of our Dee Dental patients. 
For years I hid my smile in photos, covered my mouth when speaking and even battled with bread getting stuck in-between my teeth.  Having overcrowding on one arch, spacing on the other and an overbite to top it off, made me incredibly self-conscious. 

When I began to investigate the options available to improve my smile, I was amazed at how many options there were! The most attractive option I found for me was Invisalign.  

After some research online, I decided that I wanted to have a chat with someone that would be able to help me achieve this. So, I searched for a specialist doctor near me and found Dr Naasan at Dee Dental Paisley. After looking at their social media and their website, I decided to book a consultation. It was really easy to do with the online booking system and I had an appointment within 2 weeks! 

The day came when I was invited into the beautiful Paisley clinic and straight into the surgery. Dr Naasan was patient and kind, which helped to ease my (many) nerves. She guided me through the full process before we began and asked me what I was hoping to achieve. 
The digital scan doesn’t take long and was really interesting to see - showing a 3D model of your mouth, it details each individual tooth in its current position. The scan is then processed, creating a smile simulation, which shows how the Invisalign treatment will work and what the end result will be. It was incredible to see and extremely reassuring! 

Patient being shown her smile in a 3D scanner

Through the simulation, Dr Naasan was able to show how the aligners would help to correct three areas - spacing, overcrowding and my overbite. With each week of the treatment and each new aligner, I saw the changes happen, and it really took me by surprise! It was exactly what I had been hoping for.  

After discussing Invisalign, Dr Naasan created a treatment plan for me which set out the price and some additional necessary treatment that was needed, as I hadn’t been to a dentist in a while. 

Once Dr Naasan talked me through everything I needed to know and answered all my burning questions, I headed to the reception and discussed the different payment options that are available at the Dee Dental Clinic. The interest-free finance option was particularly attractive to me, as it made the treatment an affordable investment that I could pay over time. This had been something I wanted for a while, so after hitting the green button my next appointment was booked and the excitement began to really set in. 

removable braces as part of the Invisalign treatment

I was fitted with my first aligner almost 10 weeks ago now. The initial fitting was a breeze - I got a Scale and Polish and then composite bonding was used with a mould to fix the attachments that would hold the aligner in place. I was given some time to get used to taking them out and putting them back in place. It was a thumbs up from me and I was given a goodie bag, two more sets of aligners and booked in for my review appointment. 

Since then, I have noticed a remarkable difference in my teeth! I can feel the movement happening with each aligner, and although they can be uncomfortable initially, I have come to appreciate that this discomfort means that the treatment is working. Dr Naasan kindly gave me ‘chewies’ which help to really get my teeth moving with the aligners and I have begun to find them really relieving. 

 From the first appointment to this day, Dee Dental Paisley has been an amazing, supportive place for me. I have moved to the clinic as a patient now as I feel so comfortable and cared for by Dr Naasan. Her calming, compassionate and genuine want to help people has really helped change my experience of dentistry. I couldn’t recommend the Dee Dental Practice in Paisley enough!  

If you are interested in starting your own Invisalign journey, please don't hesitate to get in touch or book your free online consultation with one of our team.