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Smile Makeover

We understand that many people can be unhappy with their smile for a variety of reasons. Their teeth may be worn down, twisted, missing, or discoloured and here is where the mini smile makeover can help enhance your smile. This can combine some teeth straightening, whitening and also composite bonding to give you the smile you have always wanted. Some smile makeovers can be carried out in 1 day after we have carried out a full assessment and agreed on the appearance of the final result.

Minimal Invasive Aesthetic Dentistry should not compromise the remaining teeth any more than is absolutely necessary to secure a beautiful white straight smile and providing long term stability and function.

Contact us today to discuss your mini smile makeover and advise on costs that start from £195 per tooth for composite bonding and from 350 for EMAX veneers and crowns. 


The following case involved some minimal preparation veneers (EMAX) as well as whitening to enhance the beauty of this patient’s smile and we were both happy with the results.