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Reinvent your Smile with Quick Straight Teeth Aligners

Have you ever wished for straighter teeth without having to deal with unsightly and uncomfortable braces?

Quick Straight Teeth is a fast tooth realignment treatment that gives you straight teeth at a price you can afford. Unlike traditional orthodontic fixed braces, this teeth-straightening system is virtually invisible in the mouth and is even available as removable clear plastic aligners.

Currently, we are offering virtual consultations for this treatment. Please get in touch with us today through our site, social media or WhatsApp to find out more and book your free consultation. We can discuss any of our orthodontic treatments and cosmetic dentistry solutions, such as tooth whitening and composite fillings.

What is Quick Straight Teeth treatment?

Designed to fix mild to moderate issues, Quick Straight Teeth is most suited to those requiring a small correction or previous orthodontic braces or treatments. 

Although Quick Straight Teeth braces have brackets and wires like more traditional solutions, they have been engineered to appear almost invisible. They are made of tooth-coloured wires and transparent brackets; they are also much more comfortable to wear than regular braces.

Depending on your circumstances, we also offer removable aligners which are engineered from clear plastic. This allows you to remove them while eating or drinking for extra comfort.

To discuss which system would suit you best, please get in touch.

How does Quick Straight Teeth work?

Targeting the most visible front 6 to 8 teeth, our Quick Straight Teeth system corrects mild to moderate teeth misalignment issues. As the braces concentrate on just a select number of teeth, the treatment is completed much faster than comparable systems on the market. Generally, treatment lasts between two to nine months, depending on the complexity of your requirements.

This means you could have the smile you always wanted discreetly and in a matter of months rather than years, as was traditionally the case. 

How much does Quick Straight Teeth cost?

Quick Straight Teeth invisible braces [1] are far more cost-effective than other types of adult braces in the UK with no sacrifice to quality. The price starts from £1,500 for one arch and £2,900 for two arches. Our practice is open to discussing payment methods with you.

We’re here to support you

At Dee Dental Paisley, we offer you complete support and monitoring throughout the entire process. We’ll even provide you with free teeth whitening gels to keep your new smile sparkling and include removable retainers free of charge. We always conduct a check-up six months after you have your braces removed to ensure retainers are still fitting well and your mouth is looking healthy.

Please contact our practice for more information on our services and how our Quick Straight Teeth braces work.